Why Use Rope Access

Hi Rise Rope Access WHY USE 



Rope access is the most cost effective method to carry out work & ongoing maintenance on the façade of a building or structure.  Other methods involve large investment of time money and heavy machinery; often in cases these prove to be problematic.  Rope access has very little environmental impact and abseil systems can be quickly deployed then removed having little disruption to building occupants, operations, public and vehicle movement.

HIRISE MAINTENANCE are qualified and experienced rope access technicians and are able to fulfill any scope of work you require, in a safe, efficient, reliable and honest manner.

At HIRISE MAINTENANCE we pride ourselves on being a strong advocate of quality, integrity and professionalism in the industry and provide a 100% guarantee on all work carried out.

The management of HIRISE MAINTENANCE communicate with government and community bodies on all OHS&E requirements.  The management and employees/sub-contractors are committed to the safety of its staff, community, property and environment and so our company policies reflect this commitment.


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