Height Safety Anchor And Access Systems

Height safety anchor and access systemsAt HIRISE MAINTENANCE we specialize in all areas off Height Safety Anchor and Access Systems including abseil aiding installation.  

To successfully design and install these systems HIRISE MAINTENANCE incorporate there practical knowledge of rope access and roof safety creating safety systems by users for users.

We also provide a height safety system that is 100% efficient for operators saving time and money on any job undertaken. All access systems on installation are load tested and tagged in accordance with A.S.448, A.S.N.Z. 1891.

We provide a periodic testing service for re-certification of our anchor and access safety systems.  We also provide this service on already existing anchors.  All our installers consider the aesthetic impact on the structure our safety systems will have.

To minimise the impact we use a range of the latest slim line anchors and consider the positioning of the anchors in the design.

Anchor Safety LinksHIRISE MAINTENANCE will not provide misleading information to sell and install unnecessary fall-arrest abseil anchor and anchor systems.

Here is an example where dishonest installers have sold a costly and unnecessary anchor system to the management of the building.

The facade where these anchors have been installed is 100% abseil accessible from the roof and not to be accessed via the window.

Here we have an example of an abseil anchor that has been unprofessionally installed under an exhaust duct where it can no longer be periodically tested for re-certification due to the space available for the testing equipment deeming this anchor out of service.


Abseil Anchors

Abseil aiding point anchors

Fall arrest safety systems                 

Static lines

Metal roof safety systems


Hi Rise Maintenance are not limited to these systems and have had custom systems designed and engineer certified for specific jobs eg; davit arms






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